PetSmart is looking to do some new hires, but not for human roles. The company is looking for a dog and a cat to take on the role of head of toy testing. Each animal will be paid $10,000 for a year’s trial of treats and toys.

“We are recruiting two playful and eager team members to join our PetSmart package as the first chief toy testers,” Will Smith, PetSmart’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a statement shared with Thrillist. “The new roles of Chief Toy Tester will help us better connect with and serve our four-legged (or less!) dog and cat customers in exciting ways. -true products for your beloved furry family members.”

As the chief toy tester, your pet will be a PetSmart VIP celebrity, appearing at events with the cherished title. The chief toy tester and her human parent will also test new toys and products, sharing reviews and findings on social media.

To be eligible for the position, your pet must be able to sniff out the tastiest treats, enjoy playing with new toy products, and be social enough to interact with others at PetSmart events. Pet owners will need to be able to capture the most engaging video footage and content for social media, and help their pets share their reviews and findings. The pet and pet owner will also need to be able to commit to a one-year contract.

In addition to the $10,000 payment, the selected cat and dog will receive monthly deliveries of treats and toys, and quarterly salon treatments. To apply for the position, you can go to and submit an application (on behalf of your furry friend) by February 17, 2023. Your application will need to include a 10-30 clip of your pet showing what will make them the best boss of toy tests.