“No job is big or small, but one must dream big!” Here’s what LinkedIn user Brigadier Sanjay Khanna wrote, sharing the story of a woman who opened a chai stall in Delhi after completing her master’s degree. His post has created a stir and led people to share various comments.

“A few days ago I was at the Gopinath Bazar in Delhi Cantt and wanted to have some tea. I was surprised and pleasantly surprised to see an intelligent English speaking woman operating this little chai stand on wheels (popularly called Raydee),” she wrote. In the lines that followed, she added more about her interaction with the woman.

A woman named Sharmistha Ghosh, a postgraduate in English literature who has also worked at the British Council Library, opened the chai position to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream. It turns out that she wants to have tea shops all over the world like Chaayos and she decided to take the first step towards that journey by opening a stall. However, she is not alone in her endeavor. Her friend Bhavna Rao, who works for Lufthansa airlines, is a partner in her company. She has also hired her house help to help her earn extra income.

“I am writing this post and also posting this photo with your permission as I feel there is nothing that can be called low/small work and such people need to stand out to motivate others. You must have the passion and integrity to work for your dream and make it come true,” added the brigadier general.

“I strongly feel that one should not keep thinking about high grades and deserved high-level work, but about small ways and means to achieve and prosper in the long run,” he wrote and concluded his post. Additionally, she also shared a picture of Ghosh in front of his makeshift chai stall.

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Since it was shared four days ago, the post has amassed nearly 31,000 reactions. It has also prompted people to share various comments.

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“This is so inspiring and beautiful. I will also try to locate her soon in Gopinath Bazar if her area of ​​operation remains the same. Thanks for sharing this,” wrote a LinkedIn user. “I really appreciate your sensitivity towards a noble worker. Truly inspiring! A change maker in the truest sense,” commented another. “Excellent participation. Thanks for sharing,” posted a third.