industry soon after completing the course.

Many of those graduates have ended up working within the Foundation itself.

And so, ahead of the UCAS (University and College Admissions Service) deadline which approaches on January 25th, the Foundation is once again inviting applications for its BSC degree with honors in Football Coaching, Development and Administration. , which is run in conjunction with the University of South Wales and the EFL Trust.

It has proven to be a successful course for many reasons, but students particularly enjoy the blended learning of receiving lectures both online and at Molineux, residencies at the University of South Wales, and various work placement opportunities in the wide range of projects run by the foundation. .

The Foundation’s Senior Education Officer who oversees the degree program in collaboration with University faculty is Bradley Moore, and he certainly knows all about the benefits of qualification.

Because he actually completed it himself, before progressing through the Foundation to his current role of helping students who follow in his footsteps.

“The beauty of the degree course is that it offers the opportunity to gain an industry-recognized football coaching qualification while being affiliated with a Premier League and professional football club,” says Brad.

“And it does so through a blended learning program, not just through lectures delivered here at Molineux, but also through the variety of work placements that allow students to put

put into practice what they are learning and develop their skills.

“Students are based at Molineux, along with a minimum of five days a year at the state-of-the-art performance development and training center at the University of South

“This is in addition to opportunities to enhance and enrich your learning experience by supporting a variety of projects, within specific roles and activities provided by the

“The qualification has proven to be really successful in helping people go on and get permanent positions within the Foundation, including myself, or in other areas within the industry, such as training and teaching.”

Jeevan Kang, a third-year student, is already combining his studies with a full-time position as Schools Officer, while Lewis Yarnold, in his second year, is employed as a Junior.

“During those three years I have been able to experience many different things and not just train soccer,” says Jeevan.

“Once you’ve tried everything, you can narrow it down to what really interests you and where your strengths lie.”

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