WEMADE PLAY, inaugurating ‘ANIPANG CLUB’, its exclusive website for P&E Game Blockchain Token ‘ANIPANG’ Airdrop Event to Commemorate the Opening of ‘ANIPANG CLUB’ Website

WEMADE PLAY, announcing the ‘One Token-Multi Contents’ policy to use one type of token for multiple P&E games

Seoul, South Korea, January 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WEMADE PLAY (CEO ho dae lee), opening the official website of ‘ANIPANG CLUB’, announced on the 18ththe (UTC) which organizes the event for the airdrop of ‘ANIPANG’, the blockchain-based token.

WEMADE PLAY has the ‘Airdrop’ event to commemorate the opening of the website and will award 100,000 ANIPANG tokens to 500 participants as a reward according to their ranking. The rewarded ANIPANG token is a blockchain-based token that is exchanged with ‘e-ANIPANG’, the in-game money, or WEMIX, the virtual asset. The ‘Airdrop’ event lasts until the 14ththe February and anyone can participate in the event by completing the mission, such as visiting the website, pre-registering for games, or visiting SNS, for example, retweeting or following Twitter.

WEMADE PLAY, the developer of ‘ANIPANG’, Korea’s most popular game and KOSDAQ-listed company, opened its P&E game management policy in accordance with the opening of ‘ANIPANG CLUB’ website and release schedule. game release. ‘ANIPANG CLUB’ website presents the image of a variety of characters and their universe and prepares some content for the introduction of P&E games, various information and affiliate services to communicate with its customers and business partners.

Meanwhile, WEMADE PLAY announced its ‘One Token – Multi Contents’ policy to introduce the new policy and practice that has been used in the existing P&E market. ‘One Token – Multi Contents’ is the policy where you can use a common token for many games, which is different from existing P&E games that use different tokens per game. According to the company’s explanation, this policy was prepared as a countermeasure to the problem that has caused the devaluation of the token based on the change in demand for P&E game tokens due to an unexpected situation. ‘ANIPANG MATCH’, ‘ANIPANG BLAST’ and ‘ANIPANG COINS’, the first 3 P&E mobile games, to which the policy of introducing a new environment to the global game market was applied, will be released in consecutive order from mid February.

Kim Young-sunThe director in charge of the blockchain business at WEMADE PLAY, expressed his ambition by saying that “we will increase the enjoyment of the game with the best game IP from Korea and introduce a new P&E environment with an expanded policy of ‘one-token multi -content” for more games and various digital content”,

Information about the ‘Airdrop’ event in ANIPANG of WEMADE PLAY

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