Jan 16 – The Brownsville Public Utilities Board approaches the intersection at Four Corners with its Boca Chica Boulevard water line improvement project, and phase two of the associated traffic control plan is about to begin .

BPUB started the project on November 21. Involves installing a new 16-inch water line to be part of an eventual water line loop to the company’s new 2 million gallon elevated water storage tank under construction at the corner of Southmost Boulevard and East 30th Street. The new tank is intended to replace an older elevated tank at Southmost demolished in 2018, and another on the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campus that will be demolished once the new 2 million-gallon tank is operational.

BPUB initially closed one lane of Boca Chica from Owens Road to International Boulevard, though in response to the resulting traffic congestion it shortened it between Owen Road and Reina Esther Drive.

Phase two, which begins January 23, will require “narrowing” the two eastbound lanes from the intersection of Boca Chica and Security Drive.

“Eastbound traffic will be reduced to one lane,” BPUB said. “The right turn lane on State Highway 48 to access Boca Chica Boulevard will be temporarily closed. All traffic will be required to go through the intersection.”

During construction, the Brownsville Police Department will redirect traffic during rush hour until motorists become accustomed to Phase Two traffic control. BPUB estimated in November that the project would be complete by April with the caveat that “all construction dates and times are approximate, and completion date and time may vary due to the nature of the weather, soil conditions, and regulations.” labor”.

BPUB said all necessary permits for this project have been granted by the Texas Department of Transportation (Boca Chica Boulevard is also SH 4), while BPUB is coordinating with TxDOT and the City of Brownsville to ensure the project is completed in safe and efficient way.

“BPUB apologizes for any inconvenience the closure may cause,” the utility said. “The Boca Chica water line upgrade project will provide reliability and improve BPUB’s water distribution system, along with the new 2 million gallon elevated storage tank.”

For more information on road closures, visit brownsville-pub.com. Customers with questions or concerns can call BPUB at (956) 983-6100.