Additionally, UWM recently launched a new promotion called “Control Your Price,” which gives brokers a discount of up to 125 basis points to offer their borrowers. The pricing promotion, available through the end of March 2023, can be used for conventional, government and non-agency loans up to $1 million.

These new programs are part of UWM’s drive to become the nation’s leading residential lender in a shrinking mortgage market. In 2022, the company implemented several tools that aim to help brokers grow their business for the long term, including UClose 3.0, TRAC, and Safe Check.

“Brokers continue to dominate the market, and UWM continues to arm its brokers with the best tools to help them grow their business for the long term,” UWM director Mat Ishbia said in a statement. “Safe Check benefits both the broker and the borrower during the initial approval process by providing unmatched certainty and transparency.

“UClose 3.0 and TRAC are changing the way we do closures. These exclusive offers will enable a faster, cheaper and more efficient experience for all parties involved.”

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