And many of them have ended up working within the Foundation itself.

Applications are now open for the BSC Honors degree in Football Coaching, Development and Administration, which is run in conjunction with the University of South Wales and the EFL Trust.

Students hoping to obtain a place from this September can also submit their application through the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), before the deadline of 6:00 pm on Wednesday the 25th.the January.

It has proven to be a successful course for many reasons, but students particularly enjoy the blended learning of receiving lectures both online and at Molineux, residencies at the University of South Wales, and various work placement opportunities in the wide range of projects run by the foundation. .

The Foundation’s senior education officer who oversees the degree program in collaboration with university professors is Bradley Moore, and he certainly knows all about the benefits of the qualification.

Because he actually completed it himself, before progressing through the Foundation to his current role of helping students who follow in his footsteps.

“The beauty of the degree course is that it offers the opportunity to gain an industry-recognized football coaching qualification while being affiliated with a Premier League and professional football club,” says Brad.

“And it does so through a blended learning program, not only through lectures delivered here at Molineux, but also through the variety of work placements that allow students to put what they are learning into practice and develop their skills.

“Students are based at Molineux, along with a minimum of five days a year at the state-of-the-art training and performance development center at the University of South Wales.

“This is in addition to opportunities to enhance and enrich your learning experience by supporting a variety of projects, within specific functions and activities that the Foundation offers.

“The qualification has proven to be really successful in helping people go on and get permanent positions within the Foundation, including myself, or in other areas within the industry, such as training and teaching.”

Here are some thoughts from some of the current students enrolled in different stages of the degree programme, including a couple who are combining it with full-time roles within the Foundation.

Two of them, Lewis and Mason, also received the Ian Millard Award for Outstanding Educational Achievement in honor of the former Trustee of the Foundation and Head of Wolverhampton City College.


I first studied on the BTEC Foundation course at Wolverhampton College University, but I am now in my second year of my degree. I have also been successful in becoming a full-time member of the Foundation staff, as a Youth Involvement Leader. The degree course has been great so far, and I feel like I’ve really made progress and built my confidence. I am learning a lot, particularly by being able to work with experienced coaches and professionals. I’ve met a lot of new people and there’s always someone I can turn to if I need anything, and I get to have some amazing experiences.


I am a third year grade student, but now I am also a permanent member of the Foundation staff working as a Schools Officer. During those three years I have been able to experience many different things and not only as a football coach. There are opportunities to work with people of all ages in the different departments of health and wellbeing, inclusion and cohesion, and education and skills. Once you’ve tried everything, you can narrow it down to what really interests you and where your strengths lie. I have also found that the more different activities I have experienced, the more it has developed me as an individual, as well as from a sporting point of view.


I am in the second year of my degree and I have learned a lot so far. They have taught us in many different aspects, including sports science, coaching and the importance of football in society. Work experience opportunities are highly beneficial and include placements in schools and inclusion and cohesion projects such as Premier League Kicks and Premier League Inspires. I have also been able to work on game days. It’s great to come and give lectures in a big stadium and work with such experienced coaches and get mentored on a daily basis.


As a freshman, I have already been to different internships, including in a primary school, and the career seems very interesting to me. I feel like I’m learning more and more every day, whether it’s in lectures or going out and doing activities. Working in a professional club environment is great and there are always people around who will go out of their way to offer support. If anyone has any doubts about studying on the course, I would say go ahead! I had some doubts but they disappeared in the first week.


The course is a bit different for me because I’m a mature student, but I’m finding it really beneficial. When I was younger the educational route wasn’t really open to me for different reasons, but after building a career this was something I really wanted to get involved with. When I first saw the details of this course and all the opportunities it can provide, I feel like it can give me a really strong platform for the future. I really enjoy it, particularly the managerial aspect and being around a Premier League club day in and day out, but also how practical it is with so many different opportunities. I’ve been a Wolves fan since I was a kid, so it’s quite surreal to walk through the doors of Molineux for lectures or access to the Foundation.


I moved on to the race after doing the BTEC, where I really enjoyed the coach side. The opportunity to get out and get involved in Foundation projects is really important and offers that interaction with other trainers and staff that helps me develop. All the trainers are very friendly and communicative and very supportive, which helps me grow not only as a trainer but also as a person. Seeing other second and third year students getting jobs within the Foundation is also a real motivation to push me to try to get the same.

To learn more about the Foundation degree program, click here to show your interest.

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