Cemil Eksilmez, a businessman from the Ardeşen district of Rize, built a two-story house that rotates 360 degrees with the help of wheels and a smart track.

The wooden house prototype, which was built by a construction company in the Black Sea province, soon became a center of attraction. The wooden structure can rotate 360 ​​degrees with the help of a remote control.

The house, which was put on display at the side of the main road, attracts quite a few curious visitors. For those interested in having their own, the revolving houses, which have already received many orders, will begin construction in May.

Referring to the inspiration behind the construction of the revolving house, Eksilmez said: “We have always tried to deal with the problems that we have experienced due to our topographies, such as earthquakes and landslides. We can easily change the facade of the house so that it each part of the house receives adequate sunlight, there will no longer be rooms in the house that are not exposed to the sun, since the house we designed is based on the difficulties experienced in this region.”

We created a ball bearing system and designed the house to rotate. After a year of work, the house was tested for weight, earthquake resistance and durability, and a certificate of conformity was obtained, she explained.

He told reporters that they have been working in construction for three generations and are always developing new projects to counteract the geographical conditions.

Pointing out that it is difficult to build a house in the region due to the terrain and weather conditions, the businessman shared that they have built the revolving house according to European standards with their solution partners and a system that uses an industrial motor.

The system structure can carry 45 tons, while the machine can carry 70 tons. “We have received the certificates for Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The patent phase will be concluded within a month”, he added.

Explaining that the water and electricity components are designed to accommodate the rotation of the house, he said: “We created a central system in the middle from which water flows and electricity is provided.”

Eksilmez also added that the house can be reduced or enlarged with static calculations depending on the client’s preferences.

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