A truck rollover on Hobart’s Tasman Bridge has caused major traffic chaos with additional ferry services to help.

Police said the truck overturned around 3pm and the driver had been taken to Royal Hobart Hospital.

The man is understood to be stable, but his injuries are unknown.

A crane lifts a container from a truck fallen on a bridge
The scene of a truck rollover on the Tasman Bridge.(ABC News: Kate Nickels)

Val Ansett of the Tasmanian Fire Service said a team was dispatched to the scene of the capsize.

“The information they gave me was that they rescued the driver through the windshield of the vehicle,” he said.

Motorists were asked to use the Bowen Bridge as an alternative while the scene was cleared.

The truck’s container, which was carrying shingles, spilled onto the bridge, requiring an excavator to remove them.

Two workers stand next to the contents of a spilled container
Tiles spilled out of the truck container.(ABC News: Kate Nickels)

Traffic was again concentrated in Hobart’s central business district and police intervened to direct cars to alternative routes.

Cars queued up along a highway
Traffic queues on the Brooker Highway, seeking to take the alternate route over the Bowen Bridge.(ABC News: Carol Raabus)

Additional Derwent ferry services were run in response to the closure of the bridge.

Many people queuing to get on a ferry
People flocked to the Hobart Ferry Terminal as a way to get home.(Supplied: Melanie Conomikes)

The Bruny Island Ferry also ran an additional service from Kettering.

A truck rolled with two men dressed in orange
Crews working to remove an overturned truck on the Tasman Bridge.(ABC News: Kate Nickels)

It took four and a half hours to clear the bridge and police issued a statement at 7:27 p.m. thanking motorists for their patience and warning that they would still face delays while congested traffic was cleared.