What should insurers do differently to keep winning with CRE?

We have spoken with some insurers who report that they have moved away from smaller loans in favor of larger, more complex loans. And while the due diligence process doesn’t change, the amount of review does. There may be more guarantees, so there are more appraisals, more engineering reports, more surveys, etc.

With what equates to more complex loan structures, smaller (possibly less experienced) teams to manage it all, and stakeholder expectations that are as rigorous as ever, technology can go a long way toward protecting your performance. To stay competitive, satisfy customers, and meet profitability goals, look for technology that allows you to make optimal use of resources, achieve near-perfect accuracy, and aggregate data from multiple sources while maintaining the ability to scale and pivot as you evolve. trading conditions change.

S&C offers a variety of solutions that can help, from our modern service loan management platform to automation and digital workers that can tackle high-volume, repetitive, manual tasks, allowing you to reinvest the time savings in business activities. higher added value.

If you would like more information on how S&C can support your business lending needs for 2023 and beyond, contact us or download our “Comprehensive Loan Management in One Solution” brochure.

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