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The opposition stops Morena in the Senate for reform on the Army & More Latest News Here


Despite intense lobbying and pressure from Morena and federal government officials, opposition senators remained against approving the ruling that seeks to extend until 2028, beyond this six-year term, the presence of the military in public security tasks, for what the morenistas backed down when they saw that they did not have enough votes and decided to return the minutes to commissions to be presented later.

According to versions of opposition senators, the ruling party was one or two legislators away from obtaining enough votes (qualified majority), but gave in, since the opinion must be presented again in the next 10 business days.

Alejandro Armenta Mier (Morena), president of the Board of Directors of the Senate, after five hours of debate, reported that the discussion of the opinion was suspended and it was returned to the Constitutional Points and Second Legislative Studies commissions for elaboration.

“The purpose of this request is that the ruling commissions can have more time for analysis and, where appropriate, rethink the text of the draft decree prepared and work on a new project that achieves the consensus of the parliamentary groups that concur in these commissions,” he argued.

The request was signed by Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar and Rafael Espino de la Peña (both Morenoites), presidents of the Constitutional Points and Second Legislative Studies commissions, respectively.

However, the opposition accused the majority of Morena of violating the legislative procedure by presenting at 12:37 p.m., in principle, a first official letter that did not meet the requirements to request the return of the opinion, and a petition had to be presented. second petition already signed by a large number of legislators from Morena, PT and PVEM.

Here an intense debate was generated to define which document should be taken as valid.

The legislative decision to withdraw the opinion occurred due to the failure of the negotiations, and was promoted by Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, who proposed returning the opinion to the aforementioned commissions for a broader debate where the proposals of all the opposition.

“Let’s give time to the discussion, is that what they want? Let’s give more time. Ah! Now it turns out that they don’t want to. What I am doing is an echo of the expressions I heard in the gallery, which accuse us of buying, of haste, of pressure.

“Nope. We do not want to hide anything, we act with cleanliness and we act with transparency. That’s what they want, let’s do that. Most disagree with his insults, most disagree with his false guesses. We are a clean faction and we will argue as long as necessary. Long live Mexico! ”, She underlined.

Faced with the offer, the opposition refused to return the opinion and even accused the Secretaries of the Interior and National Defense, as well as some governors, of pressuring senators.

Before, during the debate, the coordinator of the plural group, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, denounced a political extortion with public security as a pretext, since the real reason was not time, but rather that Morena did not have the votes to approve the initiative and that’s why he intended to postpone the discussion.

The senator of the PRI, Beatriz Paredes, proposed “that the commitment is guaranteed that a civil strategy is not abandoned, that they show us that they are not going to abandon a civil security strategy, we demand that the Mexican State respond to that challenge that it poses to them the democratic society of Mexico.

He advanced his vote against, but clarified that there was a free vote among the 13 senators of the tricolor by arguing that since various arguments were presented in an internal meeting, it was decided that each legislator act according to their convictions.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu, a senator from the PRI, indicated: “Here there is a lot of simulation by many of you who know that we are right but are afraid to say it, simulation in their arguments, when they say that if you vote against it, then the National Guard and the Armed Forces Armed will withdraw from the territory and leave citizens defenseless.

The senator of the plural group, Germán Martínez, questioned the pressure from Segob on opponents and pointed out: “What is the difference between the extension and the State of siege and the curfew? and he concluded that with the reform “what you want is a small curfew.”

The PAN senator, Xóchitl Gálvez, said that deep down the Morena senators also want the police to be civilians, but “they don’t dare jump at the President or power to continue with a political project. Do what your conscience tells you, but the right thing to do is to strengthen the municipal and state police.”

Monreal Ávila, on the platform said: “I reject any interference from abroad.”

PAN senator Damián Zepeda summed up what happened in the debate on Twitter: “Today we won and avoided further militarization of public security… but Morena was close… one or two votes to achieve it. They had already achieved several, that’s why there was a strategic withdrawal.

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The opposition stops Morena in the Senate for reform on the Army
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The opposition stops Morena in the Senate for reform on the Army
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The opposition stops Morena in the Senate for reform on the Army
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