HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Get ready to see a lot of blue stars when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host Monday night’s playoff game against the Cowboys.

Meanwhile, tourists flocking to the city could spell a boost to business in Tampa Bay as some industries brace for a busy couple of days.

“What we’re looking forward to this weekend is a full house… When the Bucs make the playoffs, we see everything ramp up. Hotel occupancy is up, restaurant reservations are up,” Peter Wright is the general manager of the Haya Hotel in Ybor City.

Wright said it’s not just the locals handling the chips; they are fans of the traveling team opening their wallets.

“I come from El Paso, Texas to watch the game, to see the cowboys win,” Cesar Ruiz said.

While we’re not sure on that, we do know that Ruiz isn’t the only fan traveling to Tampa.

“The Cowboys are America’s team, so they draw a lot of people from all over. A lot of money comes into town,” Ruiz added.

The Dallas Cowboys stay at their downtown hotel, and last year when the Bucs hosted a playoff game, Visit Tampa Bay said hotel occupancy on weekends is typically between 70% and 80%. Still, on playoff weekends, they see a range of around 90%.

“For the local economy, our hotel guests not only stay and dine here, but also go out to Ybor and enjoy and contribute to the local economy,” Wright explained.

Wright said his team is excited to make a little extra money this weekend. And, whether you’re a Cowboys fan or a Bucs fan, Tampa Bay will ultimately profit.

“My prediction for Monday night is that I want a great game. I hope it’s not the last time we see Tom Brady, but I also know that the Bucs are going to win,” Wright added.

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