Imagine, an entire year of inspiration dedicated to adventure.

But not just any adventure: Aurora Expeditions small ship tours are ideal for active adventure seekers looking for truly life-changing experiences.

For more than 30 years, Aurora’s expert expedition team has conducted respectful and immersive journeys that reveal the natural beauty, remarkable biodiversity, and geological wonders of some of the wildest and most remote places on our planet. This year, they share their top bucket list destinations and experiences for 2023.

Here are some of the highlights.

Hiking and Bird Watching in Iceland June 2023

Enjoy guided hikes through some of Iceland’s most stunning terrain, across arctic tundra, over rugged Table Mountains to jaw-dropping views of spectacular fjords. Keep an eye out for the diversity of birds that call the Land of Ice and Fire home. The lengthening summer days attract millions of migrating birds, and the rocky cliffs come alive with a cacophony of chatter from Atlantic puffins, northern fulmars, guillemots, little razorbills and arctic terns.

Sea kayaking in Svalbard, Norway, August 2023

The sea kayaking experience in Svalbard is guaranteed to stir your soul. By August, the ice has melted enough for rowers to easily navigate the icy waters of this archipelago and access its most intimate shores. Your experienced kayak guide will help you unobtrusively spot the abundant wildlife that calls Svalbard home, including the elusive polar bear and arctic fox.

Skiing and snowboarding in Antarctica, October 2023

Be one of the first visitors to welcome a fresh new season in Antarctica. By October, the virgin slopes are ready for the first slopes of experienced skiers and snowboarders, but you must first earn your turns climbing the mountain. Move further up the slope, tearing up new trails and dreaming of the sweet downhill ahead. When your run begins, the iceberg-filled Antarctic waters will once again be in full view.

Looking for even more adventure-filled options? Download the complete 2023 Ultimate Bucket List eBook from Aurora Expeditions. There’s never been a better time to start planning your next big trip.


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