According to Knight Frank’s latest report, The Wealth Report: Outlook 2023, 88% or nearly 9 in 10 Ultra High Net Worth Indians (UHNWIs) witnessed an increase in wealth by 2022. Around 35% of UHNWI Indians saw a total change in wealth of over 10%.

84% of the investable wealth of Indian UHNWIs is spread across stocks, real estate and bonds. Investments in commercial real estate, either directly or through real estate investment funds and trusts (REITs), account for 25% of the portfolio of Indian UHNWIs, according to the report.

Proportion of investable wealth allocated to various asset classes by Indian ultra-rich individuals:

Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report

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Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report

Stocks, at 34%, made up the highest bid for investable wealth in 2022. A significant proportion of 25% was allocated to commercial property. Global and APAC region respondents have exposures of 33% and 35% respectively in commercial real estate through direct owners, funds and REITs. 16% of the UHNWI’s investable wealth was allocated to bonds.

According to the latest edition of the annual Attitude Survey, 88% of respondents saw an increase in UHNWI wealth in 2022, of which 35% of respondents said Indian UHNWIs saw an increase in their wealth greater than 10% in 2022.

Globally, respondents opined that approximately 40% of UHNWIs saw an increase in their wealth in 2022 and approximately 15% of respondents noted no change in wealth status in 2022 compared to the previous year. “While the protracted economic and geopolitical crisis continued to affect most prominent economies, India’s resilient economic performance enabled the country to outpace global trends in the year of permacrisis,” the report says.

Looking ahead, Indian respondents expect the wealth of the ultra-rich to continue to increase in 2023. While 47% expect wealth to increase by more than 10%, 53% expect wealth to increase by at least 10% over the previous year. last year. Globally, only 69% of respondents expect wealth to rise and around 14% also responded that wealth will decline, according to the report.

According to Knight Frank’s Attitude Survey, about 37% of total wealth allocation goes to primary and secondary housing by Indian UHNWIs, of which 15% of allocation to residential property takes place outside of India .

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