PITTSBURGH — Some residents living near the newly reconstructed Fern Hollow Bridge in Squirrel Hill are nervous for their safety after the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) implemented new traffic rules on Beechwood Boulevard and its surrounding areas. surroundings.

“It has never been completely safe. But I don’t think they have taken all aspects into account when coming up with new traffic patterns,” said Michael Hezel.

Hezel is just one of hundreds of concerned neighbors who have signed a petition urging DOMI and Pittsburgh leaders to listen to their collective voices.

“For things to be safe, the streets have to be. First, the traffic has to be calm and the traffic pattern has to be logical,” said resident Steve Albert.

According to the city’s website detailing the plan, DOMI changed traffic patterns to make the area safer for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

Beechwood Boulevard, South Dallas Avenue, and Beacon Street are affected. Drivers may not turn right from Beechwood onto South Dallas Avenue.

In South Dallas, drivers are not allowed to turn left on Beechwood and on Beacon Street, no left turns are allowed on Beechwood.

“The streets that are reserved for bicycles and pedestrians are potentially less safe or there are people making U-turns in Beechwood, which is what’s been happening because they realize ‘Oh, I can’t turn into Dallas and I have to go all the way. the way back up from Beechwood to Forbes,’” Hezel said.

“It’s confusing, it takes longer to get around and as the weather warms up and we start to see cyclists adding to the mix and more people walking, there’s a chance it could get even worse,” Albert said.

Albert says an accident in which a cyclist was hit by a car in December is proof that things may need to be re-evaluated.

“Maybe by adjusting the plan and responding to the people who use this every day, I think we can find something that is safe for everyone,” Albert said.

The city will conduct a traffic study in the spring.

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