Search AIa New York-based developer of AI-powered smart data solutions, raised $7.5 million in seed and pre-funding.

The round was led by Conviction Partners and Battery Ventures, with participation from Bob Muglia, Tristan Handy, Mustafa Suleyman and NJP Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate product development.

Led by CEO Sarah Nagy, Seek AI provides a platform for data teams to automate the generation and maintenance of code to answer ad-hoc questions, as well as build and maintain semantic models. The natural language interface allows business users to ask questions and receive answers faster, while reducing the burden of repetitive coding for data teams. Knowledge workers can access the interface via email, Slack, text, and a variety of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Seek AI uses deep learning complex basic models with hundreds of billions of parameters. These models are the technology behind Open AI’s DALL-E and GPT-3, and understand natural language commands and generate code to instantly query databases. The technology adapts to the environment of each client and the usage patterns of each equipment.

The platform integrates with popular database providers and collaboration tools.

The company has more than a dozen pilots with clients from technology, fintech and consumer brands ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

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