According to game leaker The Snitch (which had previously stated that it would be pulling out of news broadcasting), we’ll be hearing about a great third-party PlayStation game.”Coming Soon.”

The Snitch didn’t go as far as to say what game it might be, but Insider Gaming reporters believe it could be a Metal Gear Solid remaster, which has been all but confirmed by multiple leaks spreading across the internet.

There is also the idea that this could lead to a PlayStation State of Play. The last time we saw one of these storefronts was in September, so it makes sense that we’d have another one soon.

This could allow Sony to remind gamers that it exists and not let Xbox soak up all the limelight with its big Bethesda unveiling later this month. However, until something is officially confirmed, we can’t get our hopes up too much.

Rumor: PlayStation Might Feature a State of Play Soon