The real reason why Riot Games introduced jungle pets came to light recently with the League of Legends The developers shed light on the whole concept, explaining that the jungle pets were predominantly designed as a visual metaphor for newcomers to the jungle to understand the basics of the jungle. As the League As the community dives even deeper into the meat of what jungle pets mean to the game, the developers admitted that jungle pets could have gotten skins.

Riot GalaxySmash was featured in the community discussion on of the league subreddit on Monday discussing the role and value of jungle pets. There, the developer said that the development team originally considered adding jungle pet skins to the game, but that would mean that pets would have to become a permanent feature, which is a compromise Riot simply couldn’t make at the time.

“Releasing skins would mean that the mechanic needs to stay in the game for the rest of its existence, which is not a compromise we want to make,” the developer said.

When asked if jungle pet skins could appear in the future, the developer shrugged off the idea of ​​pets ever getting skins. League. “We will not release masks for pets. We’ve come out and said this before,” said GalaxySmash.

The idea of ​​jungle pets getting skins isn’t too far off from Little Legends in Team Fight Tactics. But Riot would probably have to go further to create skins for these adorable jungle mascots. Still, it could be good news for all those who can’t control themselves when it comes to League Cosmetic products.