LONDON, January 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReadyWise, the leading manufacturer of emergency food supplies in the United States and the United KingdomReadyWise UK is now helping the kyiv Children’s Association give back to children in Ukraine affected by the horrible war. the russian war against Ukraine it has driven many people, especially the elderly and mothers with children, into extreme poverty and struggling to access food. You can directly donate emergency food to the children of Ukraine buying a bucket of food at and paying with the code KIEVCHILDREN. The kyiv Children’s Association supports the Ukrainian people in places near the front with the most necessary resources: food, medicine and clothing.

“ReadyWise UK is facilitating direct support to those affected by war in ways that matter,” says Director of Europe In ReadyWise, Kim Berknov. “Together, we can improve the world for those suffering now by donating non-perishable food.”

Get a 5% discount when you buy a single donation bucket and a 10% discount when you buy two or more buckets. Buy a bucket or more on the website and ReadyWise will send your donation directly to the kyiv Children’s Association. It can be hard to imagine living without basic food and water in today’s world, but children in Ukraine they are experiencing this every day. The lack of electricity and heating makes the situation even more difficult.

Repeated air attacks make it necessary to also supply food and water to the bomb shelters. ReadyWise is the perfect solution because your meals only need water to reconstitute and no refrigeration is necessary, making them completely disaster-proof. Buckets range from 60 to 120 in serving sizes, so even buying just one bucket makes a world of difference in an emergency. ReadyWise Cubes are an essential survival kit that is durable and long lasting, with a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Take this opportunity to give back and prepare yourself and your family for what is to come in 2023. 2022 saw some of the worst shocks, including devastating fires, storms, flash floods, droughts, and severe winter weather. ReadyWise’s goal is to prepare millions of homes with this convenient food solution.

For more information about the kyiv Children’s Association, visit For more information on ReadyWise UK, please visit

About ReadyWise: ReadyWise, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, is a leader in Emergency Food Supplies. ReadyWise helps its customers prepare with their freeze-dried and dehydrated meals manufactured with a shelf life of up to 25 years. For more information on the full range of ReadyWise products, visit www.ReadyWise.Co.Uk or www.ReadyWise.Com