anti snoring pillow [Source : Pure-Lex]

anti snoring pillow [Source : Pure-Lex]

Pure-Lex, a South Korean healthcare startup, teamed up with US technology company Nvidia Corp. to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered pillow this year that helps reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

According to Pure-Lex on Sunday, the new pillow will be equipped with Nvidia’s AI software based on deep learning of respiratory data while snoring and sleep apnea patients sleep. The software-enabled pillow detects a person’s snoring and sleep/sleep apnea cycles and makes subtle movements to move the person’s head to the side by inflating one side of the pillow when they snore or stop breathing.

It is the first time that a local startup has introduced a pillow loaded with software from Nvidia, which is a leader in the global field of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

People who use the pillow will be able to have better quality sleep as the pillow will help their respiratory tract to open up quickly.

There are increasing expectations that the innovative pillow will cause a stir in the domestic pillow industry as the AI ​​software can fairly and accurately measure the conditions of users in real time.

The pillow is the result of a project led by the Sejong Campus of Korea University.

“Our current product has three sensors that detect the location of a user’s head while sleeping and the sound of snoring,” said Kim Kyung-soo, CEO of Pure-Lex. “When a person snores, the pillow makes gentle movements to help open the airways.”

A clinical trial conducted last year showed that the pillow helped reduce the intensity and sound of snoring by 71 percent, while the frequency of sleep apnea by more than 50 percent.

“The upgrade version at the end of this year will have an enhanced effect,” Kim said.

By Kim Si-gyun, Chang Iou-chung

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