Posten Norge parcel lockers well received in Norway

Research from the postal operator shows that Norwegians have been overwhelmingly positive about Posten Norge’s parcel locker network. Over 95% of pick-ups from the Swipbox-supplied parcel locker network have been rated as positive.

The first Swipbox Infinity parcel lockers, known as Pakkeboks, in the Posten Norge parcel network were installed in January 2020. The network has been monitored for customer satisfaction as it has been expanded.

One of the key reasons for customer satisfaction is that the parcel lockers have been installed in convenient locations that are used by customers in their everyday lives. As such they do not have to travel far to get to them.

Camilla de Verdier from Posten Norge explains: “It was central for us to find a flexible solution that supported our vision of operating with a dense parcel locker network, that could cover all of Norway, in order to support our customers’ needs. With the Infinity solution this became doable. Our customers really embrace the possibility of picking up their parcels when and where it suits them – so the accessibility really drives the success. That our customers also find the app solution very intuitive to navigate in is just another great finding.”

The Pakkeboks parcel lockers are supplied by Swipbox. Though the parcel lockers aren’t on wifi, customers use their smartphones to access their parcels. The machines are battery operated, and take around five minutes to install, meaning it is very easy to scale up the network very quickly.

Brian Jonasson from SwipBox comments: “We are extremely aware of the fact that online shopping is exploding, which means that end users demand solutions that supports their new way of shopping – and at the same time is Covid-19 safe when picking up their parcels. With Infinity we offer a solution, that is so flexible and intuitive, that it can be placed everywhere close to the end user’s life. It really emphasizes the convenience in this solution when data also highlight that regardless of age, experience with pick-ups in parcel lockers in general or familiarity with handling a smartphone it’s very easy for the users to pick up a parcel in an Infinity parcel locker.”

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