Construction to help ease traffic congestion caused by the reopening of Braum’s and the construction of new businesses along East Downing Street are underway.

The City of Tahlequah Planning Commission approved an introductory deck for the Rivercenter Addition during a meeting on November 29. The go-ahead will allow the developer to proceed with the construction of two streets.

“One is the main road to the development of 70 acres north of Whataburger and 7 Brew, and the other is an extension of Ward Street. The introductory rig will be followed by a preliminary rig that includes the 70 acres north,” said Director of Planning and Development Taylor Tannehill.

The zoning code requires the approval of an introduction plan before grade changes are made to the property. A plan is required for any extension of streets that the city intends to adopt at any time.

Tannehill said the preliminary plan is scheduled to be presented to the planning commission for approval during its January 31 meeting.

The developer intends to design a “T” area, which will eventually become dedicated streets, between 7 Brew and Whataburger. The cafeteria is now open and the Whataburger area is under development.

“The road widening is currently under construction, however, the access point to the [Bertha Parker Bypass] still being resolved between the developer and the [Oklahoma Department of Transportation]Tannehill said.

The developer has received tentative approval for the extension, but Tannehill said some paperwork still needs to be completed to finalize the deal.

The “right entry-exit” street will provide an additional point of entry/exit to the area.

“The additional access will not alleviate all the congestion in Downing, but it should have a positive impact on the area. The Ward extension will also help. The extension will allow people exiting those businesses to access Downing Street from Plaza Drive,” he said. Tannehill. saying.

With the reopening of Braum’s and development of areas where more restaurants could be built, Tannehill said there will also be road work.

“Proposed development to the north will include additional street extensions and access points to existing highways. Those improvements will be required to be built before building permits are issued,” it said.