CHICAGO (WLS) — Paws Chicago will honor the Betty White Challenge by hosting a two-day adoption event for senior pets.

The event kicks off Tuesday on what would have been the actresses’ 101st birthday.

AWS says they have seen an increase in the abandonment or surrender of older pets to shelters. They currently have dozens looking for homes.

PAWS offers reduced adoption fees starting at $101 for senior dogs and a sliding scale of lower fees for cats.

PAWS lists several benefits of having a senior pet:

-You know exactly what you get: size, coat, color and personality.

-Senior dogs are often house trained and many have training under their belt.

-With puppies and kittens, energy levels skyrocket, but older pets are more likely to enjoy a casual walk and regular snuggle time on the couch.

-Senior pets will give you a better idea of ​​who they are and how they will act in your home, and our trained volunteers can match you with the right pet for your home and lifestyle.

To view pets for adoption or to donate, visit

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