NTT DATA UK&I, a trusted global innovator in banking and IT services, today announced that it has recruited four new senior staff to its banking practice, demonstrating continued growth as a top-quality advisory firm.

Banking is a critical market for NTT DATA UK&I, with revenue growth of 40% in the last year. Globally, NTT DATA works with some of the largest banks and has a strong focus on continuing its strong growth in the UK, with a number of new hires over the past year to help maintain the company’s upward trajectory. and comply with the technological innovations and expertise that NTT DATA has to offer.

New hires Joel Craven, Rajshekar Mylavarapu, Pravin Ningoo and Sumant Kumar are taking part in this growth, with all four joining NTT DATA UK&I within the last month. These banking experts bring a wealth of experience across different areas of the banking and financial services industry, including retail and commercial banking, open banking, capital markets, and banking and data intelligence. They will work closely with Andy Nelson, Head of Banking and Financial Markets, to support banks and financial institutions on their digital transformation journeys.

Each hire adds more experience to an already knowledgeable banking team:
• Craven has extensive experience working with banking applications and digital transformation in the retail banking industry.
• Mylavarapu brings combined experience in capital markets and business transformation to the table
• Ningoo is an enterprise architect that specializes in banking and pre-sales solutions and focuses on customer challenges.
• Kumar is an emerging digital, data and technology expert with more than 18 years of delivering large digital transformation initiatives in banking. Most recently, he successfully scaled emerging technologies capability for a large consulting firm.

As the banking industry moves away from face-to-face interactions and toward omnichannel solutions, the demand for innovative technology from banks and financial institutions is getting stronger every day. Therefore, NTT DATA is strongly focused on continuously developing its existing expertise and recruiting the best talent in the industry. In addition to this, he strives to provide the best possible service to clients by understanding current trends and the landscape of the future.

Andy Nelson, Director of Banking and Financial Markets at NTT DATA UK&I, commented: “I am delighted to welcome our four new experts to our exciting and growing team at Royal Exchange. They each bring invaluable experience and knowledge of the banking industry, which will help deepen our capabilities and knowledge across the sector. With our newly strengthened team, we look forward to accelerating our growth in the banking and financial markets, driving even more innovative technology solutions and providing the highest quality consulting to our clients.”