Being fashionable and trendy is often associated with younger people, as you are expected to make a sensible choice of clothing and wear somber colors as you grow older. A Nigerian filmmaker recently created images using artificial intelligence (AI) to show seniors in fashionable clothing and has sparked conversations online. Her collection, titled ‘Senior Fashion Show’, even caught the eye of the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the Black Panther movies, Ruth Carter, who commented on one of her posts.

Malik Afegbua, a Nigerian filmmaker who produces commercials and documentaries, said in an interview with the BBC that he welcomed the emergence of AI as a leading new force in art. With the series of fashion shows, he saw it as an opportunity to challenge what he sees as the marginalization of older people in society.

She said she’s never seen a senior fashion show, but they do exist. The series shows elderly people of African origin dressed in fashionable clothes taking a ramp ride.

Responding to the pertinent question of not using real old people and real fashion designers, Afegbua said that it is the aspirational message behind the images that is crucial. Ruth Carter commented: “Who created this? Drug.”

“This is so beautiful,” said one user. “This is so impressive and captivating that it feels surreal! Incredible work Malik”, thanked another. “The most beautiful things in fashion that I have seen in the year. Stunning!” wrote a third. “You make old age look so sexy,” another netizen shared.

Recently, a Twitter user had imagined how pollution levels will rise in the future and created AI images to show a bleak future. The images showed people wearing huge breathing masks while working and children playing outside. The series of images shared by Madhav Kohli also showed smog enveloping the Taj Mahal.