New Master’s Degree at A-State Introduces Applied Digital Technology


JONESBORO – A new master’s program at Arkansas State University offers a “hands-on” experience with world-class faculty, equipping graduates with cutting-edge knowledge that is in high demand in today’s business environment.

The Master of Science in Applied Digital Technology offers prospective students new opportunities to develop skills and competencies in innovative areas of technology. This includes a variety of fields related to technology and business, according to Dr. Matthew Hill, director of graduate programs at the Neil Griffin College of Business at A-State.

“The courses in this program are very ‘hands-on’ and the faculty leading them are experts in their respective fields,” said Hill, who is also an associate professor of finance. The degree program consists of 33 credit hours at the graduate level and is offered in person and online.

In addition to the 12 credit hours of core courses, the master’s program includes four areas of emphasis: artificial intelligence and machine learning; cloud and cybersecurity; game and application design; and business analysis. The game and app design concentration is offered by the Department of Art + Design.

New Master’s program courses include “Artificial Intelligence Implementation Solutions”, “Internet Security Solutions”, “User Experience Design Theory”, “Rapid Programming” and “Simulation for Predictive Decision Making” .

“Graduates from this program will be well positioned to enter growing technology-based fields and work in various industries,” he emphasized. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projects strong salary growth in related careers.

Hill hopes the new program will appeal to individuals aspiring to a wide range of career directions, including machine learning engineering, business intelligence development, data engineering, scientific research, and computer security engineering and in Cloud.

Interested students may contact Hill, [email protected], or Jessica McBride, [email protected], Registrar Assistant for Graduate Programs, both at the Neil Griffin College of Business, for additional program details.


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