! Murcia Today – Almost 500 Medications In Short Supply In Spain

Date Published: 26/11/2021

The Medicines Agency in Spain assures that no patients will go without


With the winter season upon and all the usual ailments it brings, the situation has gone from bad to worse, and many common medications such as Omeprazole, Paracetamol or Trankimazin are nowhere to be found. While the shortage has become more pronounced in recent months, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) was highlighting the product as far back as March, when they posted a survey which revealed that “40% of users have been affected by shortages in the last two years”. In addition, these were not your everyday medications, but “91% of the drugs that were not available were prescription drugs”.

The Medicines Agency has asked patients not to panic as although there is certainly a supply crisis affecting some drugs, most pharmacies have access to generic medications that contain the same active ingredients.


The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products has listed 463 drugs that are currently unavailable, full details of which can be found on their official website.


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