In a recent ruling, a judge ruled that the Town of Victor will not be able to take possession of the vacant Lord & Taylor store at Eastview Mall through eminent domain.

The store, which filed for bankruptcy in August 2020 and has been closed since February 2021, currently remains vacant.

The judge determined that the Town of Victor did not present a sufficient plan for the use of the space. Both the mall’s developer, Wilmorite, and the Town of Victor are still searching for a solution for the empty 90,000-square-foot “anchor store” and its accompanying 1,000 parking spaces.

“Keeping all sections of Eastview vibrant and open is our top priority,” a Wilmorite spokesperson recently said in a statement. “We will continue to partner with the Town of Victor to reopen the Lord & Taylor space.”

Jack Marren, Victor Town supervisor, expressed concern that the vacant space is not generating revenue. He claimed that discussions with Wilmorite. A plan is expected in 30 days for the property.

Marren also clarified that the Town of Víctor has not incurred any legal expenses in the process and will not if it goes ahead with the case.