• NSW’s Affordable IVF initiative got an $80m boost.
  • The $2,000 fertility treatment reimbursement is expected to help thousands of women across the state.
  • Those who have incurred out of pocket expenses at reputable private IVF clinics are eligible to claim reimbursement.
Getting pregnant can be an emotionally and financially draining experience for women accessing IVF treatment, but a first-of-its-kind NSW government program aims to alleviate costs for pregnant families.
Women who undergo IVF treatments at private clinics can claim a $2,000 rebate as part of an $80 million expansion to .

The reimbursement is estimated to help an estimated 12,000 women statewide with out-of-pocket costs associated with fertility treatments at private clinics.

How can you apply for IVF reimbursement?

The reimbursement, known as Fertility Treatment Reimbursement, can be claimed through the MyService NSW account or in person at a Service NSW centre.
Women and those who do not identify as women but are eligible for IVF treatment and who are NSW residents can apply, and can only apply once.
Must have received treatment and be claiming out-of-pocket expenses that have not been reimbursed by another program or government reimbursement.

Refunds can go back to October 1, 2022.

Those who have received treatment from a publicly funded IVF clinic or fertility preservation treatment are not eligible.
The program will be in effect until October 1, 2026, or until funds are exhausted.
Gita Smith, a Sydney mother who applied for reimbursement, said she had four rounds of IVF treatments, had a miscarriage and two operations for stage four endometriosis, before becoming pregnant after more than three years.
“I don’t want women to feel quiet or ashamed or inadequate because they can’t get pregnant naturally or have fertility problems,” she said.
“It can be so emotionally and physically draining to go through that fertility journey and have that financial support…it’s made all the difference for us.”

She said the money helped her undergo a fourth and final round of treatment that resulted in a 14-week pregnancy.

Scheme will make IVF more accessible: NSW treasurer

Treasurer Matt Kean, who has been a strong supporter of women-friendly and family-friendly policies, said the investment would make fertility treatment more accessible to NSW families.
“We believe that no one should have to choose between managing a household budget and starting a family,” he told reporters at the Monash IVF Clinic in Sydney on Tuesday.
“This is about making sure NSW is one of the most affordable places… to access fertility and IVF treatment.”
Women’s Minister Bronnie Taylor said 16 per cent of NSW couples were facing fertility problems.
She praised the program for also helping women in regional areas of the state who can now afford to travel to Sydney or another major city for specialist treatment rather than feeling isolated.

“There are more women entering the workforce than we’ve ever seen before, more women pursuing careers, so the possibilities and the reality…is that people are choosing to have children later and that can often present (fertility) problems,” Taylor said. on Tuesday.