If you have a pet, especially a dog, your fur baby will most likely LOVE going for a ride in the car. Sometimes they even get it into their heads that they can help you drive by riding on your lap! An endearing image, without a doubt.

Dog driving a steering wheel in a car

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There is a Tik Tok video that I saw a while ago that is one of my favorites. It makes me smile every time. A driver stops next to a car at a traffic light and rolls down his window to head to the other car. Why? Because he sees an adorable weiner dog sitting on his owner’s lap in the driver’s seat, and he just has to greet the adorable furry angel. The owner of the lap dog stops other weiner dog, seemingly out of nowhere, to say hello as well. Chaotic worship ensues. Look the following video!

I’ve seen situations similar to this in New Jersey, so it got me thinking… IS it illegal to drive with pets on your lap in New Jersey? The answer is… Yes.

According to PetCareRXIt is illegal to transport your pet unsafely, without restrictions, in your car in New Jerseyas well as Hawaii, Maine, Connecticut Y Arizona, under distracted driving laws. In New Jersey, you can face a fine of between $250-$1000 for not safely restraining your pet in the car.

dog traveling by car

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Which is less fun, but makes sense. And it’s for the better. Remember all those lessons we learned in school about the importance of wearing a seat belt? The same goes for your pets. if an accident were if it happened (God forbid), it would be dangerous to both you and your pet… but especially your pet. Not only dangerous, but also fatal.

As much fun as it is to let your pet(s) stick their head(s) out the window without restraint or to be a “assistant driver” on your lap, beware. Yes, it happens all the time. After all, it is such a joyful image that brings so much happiness. But be warned, it IS illegal in New Jersey to let your beloved pets roam free, without car safety.

I’m sorry, Fido. It’s for your own good.

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