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Intestinal flora influences risk of metastases in breast cancer – healing practice & More Latest News Here


How the gut affects breast cancer

An unhealthy and inflammatory one gut microbiome triggers changes in normal breast tissue that one spread of breast cancer favor to other parts of the body.

In a new study involving experts from University of Va it was investigated whether cellular changes in normal breast tissue, which occur as a reaction to a pathological disturbance in the colonization of the intestine (dysbiosis of the intestinal flora), cause a spread of Hormone receptor-positive (HR+) breast tumor cells support financially. The results were published in the journal Cancer Immunology Research.

What is the gut microbiome?

That Intestinal microbiome (intestinal flora) refers to the totality of microbes found in the intestine. The researchers explain that its composition can be disturbed, for example, by an unhealthy diet, the use of antibiotics, obesity or other factors.

In the current study, it was now examined whether such a disorder influences the Immune cells in healthy breast tissue (so-called mast cells) and how this one promote the spread of cancer can.

mast cells describe blood cells that help to regulate the body’s immune response to diseases and allergens and are considered cells of the body’s own defence.

Spread of cancer in mice by accumulation of mast cells

The team was able to show that an unhealthy microbiome Accumulation of mast cells in the breast caused. The gut microbiome systemically influenced the behavior and function of mast cells in the presence of tumors.

These changes continued after tumor formation in a mouse model of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, turning the breast tissue into one ideal starting point for the spread of cancer to other parts of the body, the team said.

Mast cells increase collagen in breast tissue

In addition, according to the researchers, it was shown that the mast cells collagen in breast tissue of mice increased and one previous cancer spread favored.

However, by blocking the process that led to the accumulation of mast cells, it was also possible to prevent the negative effects associated with the Spread of the tumor into the lungs was significantly reduced.

Results also seem to apply to humans

Based on the laboratory results, the experts also examined tissue samples from human patients hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. They found that these participants increased number of mast cells and increased collagen deposits exhibited, just as was the case in mice.

In addition, the number of mast cells correlated with the amount of collagen and, above all, with the patient’s risk of developing a recurrence of breast cancerthe researchers report.

Mast cells play a controversial role in breast cancer, with some studies finding a positive correlation with treatment outcome while others have identified negative associations‘ said the study author dr R. Rutkowski in a press release.

Our investigation suggests that to better define the relationship between mast cells and the risk of breast tumor metastasis, we should consider the functional properties of the mast cells, the collagen density of the tissue, and the location of the mast cells in relation to the tumor‘ adds the expert.

We were able to show that gut dysbiosis, an unhealthy and inflammatory gut microbiome, systemically alters breast tissue in mice that do not have cancer. The tissue changes increase the infiltration of mast cells, which in the presence of a tumor facilitate the metastasis of the breast tumor“, like that dr Rutkowski.

Mast cells recruited into the tissue environment during dysbiosis reorganize tissue architecture in such a way that tumor cells metastasize to other organs‘ explains the doctor.

Metastases could be prevented

The results suggest that in medical treatments the relationship between gut flora and mast cells in women with breast cancer purposefully influenced could be to prevent that Cancer comes back and spreadsexplain the researchers.

In addition, the findings could help to identify womenwhere that Risk of cancer recurrence persists so that their treatment can be adjusted to prevent metastasis from forming.

Personalized medicine in oncology is a promising approach to achieve better patient outcomes‘” adds the author of the study dr Tzu Yu Feng.

Our research on the gut-mast cell axis has identified possible intervention points that could be used for a tailored therapeutic approach. The ultimate goal would be to improve the survival chances of patients diagnosed with breast cancer“, sums up feng. (as)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of medical specialist literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical professionals.


  • Tzu-Yu Feng, Francesca N Azar, Sally A Dreger, Claire Buchta Rosean, Mitchell T McGinty, et al.: Reciprocal interactions between the gut microbiome and mammary tissue mast cells promote metastatic dissemination of HR+ breast tumors; in: Cancer Immunology Research (published , Cancer Immunology Research
  • University of Virginia Health System: UVA Health Discovery: An Unhealthy Gut Helps Spread Breast Cancer (published 9/22/2022), University of Virginia Health System

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This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. He can not substitute a visit at the doctor.

Intestinal flora influences risk of metastases in breast cancer – healing practice
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Intestinal flora influences risk of metastases in breast cancer – healing practice
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Intestinal flora influences risk of metastases in breast cancer – healing practice
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