Ice-T is responding to the claim that he is feuding with his Law & Order co-star Christopher Meloni in the clearest possible terms.

Ice-T is not happy with the reports that he has been fighting with his teammates. Law and order star, Christopher Meloni. A long time member of the Law and order Having appeared on the show since 2000, Ice-T plays Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, a stern but typically calm officer who tends to look down on criminals who would harm women and children. Meloni, meanwhile, currently plays Detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: Organized Crimerole to which he returned after taking a decade-long break from Law and order franchise. Often crosses over Law & Order: SVUwhere Ice-T stars alongside Mariska Hargitay.


Although Ice-T and Meloni have been stars of the Law and order franchise for years Ice T he had to take to Twitter to dispel rumors that he and Meloni were feuding. Check out his post below:

One publication initially sent a tip to Ice-T regarding an article they were going to publish about an alleged feud between him and Meloni. In response, Ice-T sent the email to Meloni, prompting both actors to scoff at the idea that they were at odds on social media.

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What’s next for law and order?

Ice T

the future of Law and order looks as bright as ever. Law & Order: SVU Season 24 is only half over as it is expected to have 24 episodes. The original Law and order is in the middle of season 22, and Law & Order: Organized Crime He is in his third. All three shows are expected to return for more episodes next season. Since Ice-T and Meloni aren’t actually fighting, there’s still potential for future crossovers, something the Law and order franchise has never shied away, as last year Hargitay crossed from Law & Order: SVU for the season finale of the main series.

The success of Law and order it comes from his easy ability to draw interest in bizarre crimes and the reactions of the police as they investigate every major incident within New York City. Why Law and order can borrow ideas from real-world crime, the potential for spin-offs is limitless, leaving producer Dick Wolf with the ability to keep the shows going for unlimited time. As long as audiences stay loyal to the franchise, which they largely have, it will continue. He Law and order The shows are so successful that an alumnus of the franchise, S. Epatha Merkerson, who stars in Chicago Medhe even requested a crossover, proving that even interest within the industry hasn’t waned since Wolf’s constant expansion. productions

There is also the possibility of more character relationships in the future, as the ties between Law and order Police investigators tend to be what keeps people engaged with the franchise, as opposed to other episodic proceedings. With decades of history behind the various characters, their interactions often feel more convincing. As you continue to introduce new characters, the Law and order The franchise has also brought back beloved figures, including Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston), who helped reinvigorate the franchise. Meanwhile, the potential pairing of fan-favorite pairing Stabler and Benson (Hargitay) seems more possible than ever. the future of Law and order he seems to be deep in drama and love, which is a great sign.

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