one piece odyssey it’s huge, perhaps the biggest in the franchise so far. With such a huge world to explore, it can be quite overwhelming, especially in the early hours. While it’s not exactly open world, it does have a ton of areas to explore in a variety of locations. Moving is not easy.

Fortunately, there are ways to help you navigate the world. Instead of running everywhere, you also have the option of fast travel. While you may think you have this from the start, there are a few prerequisites to unlocking it. If you want to know how to fast travel in one piece odysseyThis is how you do it.

How to fast travel in One Piece Odyssey

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As with most JRPGs, one piece odyssey you can drag your feet introducing items into the game. For fast travel, that’s a good five hours of adventure before fast travel is mentioned. Up to this point, you may have seen signs that look like fast travel markers, but you may not have been able to use them.

Fast travel is unlocked through story progression, but not until part of the way into chapter two. Without spoiling the events of one piece odyssey, there will be a section where you will be asked to locate a character traveling through the Ravine of No Return in Alabasta. It is during this objective that you will be given fast travel points with a tutorial.

By using the signs, also known as Yoisa Signs, you can use them to instantly travel to various places on the map. Be sure to activate a signal every time you bump into one to do the act of fast traveling on one piece odyssey much, much easier.

Alternatively, a bit later in the game, after you defeat a certain boss in a cave in the Great Sandy Desert Oasis, you’ll also unlock the Crab Mover. This is another means of transportation and will allow you to move between towns using their respective signposts.

It’s a shame that the introduction of fast travel goes quite far one piece odyssey, making the first few hours slower than necessary. But once it’s unlocked, you’ll have a ton of tools at your disposal to make your journey through the game easier.