The cost of pet insurance for a cat depends on factors such as age and breed.

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If you’re like most cat owners, you love to pamper your favorite feline. You buy their favorite treats, spend hours playing with them, and build play structures around the house so they don’t get bored.

Taking care of your medical needs is just as important, and that’s where pet insurance to be able to help. If you have pet insurance for your cat, you can make medical decisions based on vet’s recommendation and not just in what you can afford.

If you’re looking for pet insurance, start by getting a free quote to find out exactly how much it will cost.

Read below to learn more about pet insurance for cats, including how much it will cost.

How much does pet insurance cost for a cat?

Data from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association found that the average monthly premium for a cat was $29. Other research shows that the typical premium for a cat can range from $14 a month to $38.

The premium will differ depending on the deductiblethe age of the cat, the type of plan and the specific race.

Purebred cats are more expensive to insure than mixed-breed cats because they are more likely to develop diseases and genetic conditions. The most expensive specific breeds are Siamese, Bengals, Himalayans, ragdolls, and Maine coons. These breeds may be even more prone to disease than other breeds.

For example, the average monthly premium for an American shorthair cat was $29.37 per month. Compare that to the premium of a Siamese ($30.73), a Ragoll ($34.67), and a Maine Coon ($37.36).

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How pet insurance works

Pet insurance can provide peace of mind for animal lovers who want to make the best decision for their pets without worrying about cost. There are several different types of pet insurance, with different levels of coverage:

  • Accident
  • accident and illness
  • Comprehensive

Most pet insurance policies will not cover pre-existing conditions, which refers to any illness or disease that is diagnosed before purchasing insurance. Therefore, if you want to buy pet insurance, you should do so as soon as possible.

Pet insurance often doesn’t cover yearly checkups and vaccinations. You should plan to pay these expenses out of pocket unless you purchase a separate wellness plan.

What to know about pet insurance for cats

If you buy pet insurance, read the terms and conditions to understand what is covered. Your policy may come with a deductible, which is the amount you must pay before the insurance company will pay its share. Make sure you have enough savings to cover the deductible.

Usually, you will first have to pay the vet and file a claim to have it refunded by the insurance provider. Reimbursement may take a few weeks, so be prepared for this initial cost.

If you haven’t adopted a cat yet and are worried about pet insurance and overall vet costs, opt for a mixed breed. You’ll likely save more money on pet insurance than if you choose a purebred.

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