New York representative-elect George Santos’ claims about being on the volleyball team at his alleged alma mater, Baruch University, could add to his pile of lies.

After Joseph Cairo, chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee, called out the 34-year-old politician for “misleading voters” and asked him to resign, a new report claims Santos’ story parallels the accomplishments of his ex boss. Pablo Oliveira.

George Santos on a tape here lying about being a volleyball star at Baruch College, and claims he underwent two knee replacements as a result.

On Sunday, January 15, journalist Steven T Dennis shared an audio clip of Santos talking about his purported time at Baruch College. On the New York City radio show Sid and his friends in the morning In 2020, George Santos allegedly fabricated a story about his college life while discussing his campaign in Congress. He said:

“Actually, I went to school at a volleyball school. When I was at Baruch (University)… we went to play Harvard and Yale, and we killed them. We were champions in the northeast corridor. Every school that faced us, was shaking at that time.”

She also added that she had knee replacements on both knees from playing volleyball.

What did the new report suggest about George Santos’ volleyball claims?

George Santos’ claims about attending Baruch College and being on the volleyball team have been called into question by a new report from Inside Edition that suggests key elements of the New York native’s story resemble the resume of his former boss, Pablo Oliveira. .

The publication noted that Oliveira was Santos’s former boss at LinkBridge Investors. According to her LinkedIn profile, Oliveira graduated from Baruch University and was part of the university’s volleyball team there. He was an All-American volleyball player and had played twice.

As for Santos’ story, he stated in a resume submitted to the Nassau County Republican Committee in 2020 that he graduated summa cum laude from Baruch College in 2010 with a 3.89 GPA.

In December 2022, The New York Times did a background check on George Santos and found several fabricated claims on his resume. While he was speaking to the outlet, he apologized for the same.

“I did not graduate from any institution of higher learning. I am ashamed and sorry that I embellished my resume. I admit that… we do stupid things in life.”

On the National Republican Congressional Committee website, he also claimed that he earned an MBA from New York University after earning a 710 on the GMAT.

In a press conference on January 11, Joseph Cairo told reporters that Santos once told him that he played volleyball at his supposed university.

“He told me, I remember specifically, ‘I like sports a little.’ That he was a star on Baruch’s volleyball team and that they won the league championship. What can I tell you?

The president and other New York Republicans have called on Santos to resign for running a “campaign of deceit, lies, fabrication.” They also stated that Santos was not welcome at the Republican headquarters.

Since then, seven House Republicans — Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, Rep. Nick Langworthy, Rep. Nick LaLota, Rep. Brandon Williams, Rep. Mike Lawler, Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Max Miller — have criticized George. Saints. to resign from him.

However, on January 12, George Santos told reporters outside his office that he “would not resign” and that he would continue “in my popularly elected position.”

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