ROCHESTER. NY (WROC) — The average gas price in Rochester is two cents lower than last week’s report, according to AAA’s latest report.

AAA says that the national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $3.31, which is three cents more than last week, but it is the same national price as a year ago.

The New York State average, according to AAA, is $3.44, which is a penny less than last week, and four cents less than the state average at this time last year.

  • Batavia – $3.33
  • Buffalo – $3.40
  • Elmira – $3.30
  • Ithaca – $3.52
  • Rochester – $3.45
  • Rome – $3.56
  • Syracuse – $3.40
  • Watertown – $3.44

In Batavia and Elmira, the average price increased two cents. The average price of gasoline in Buffalo decreased three cents. Rome saw a three-cent decline, while Syracuse and Watertown saw a two-cent decline.

AAA says the US is decreasing its reliance on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that it has benefited from over the past year to add supply to the market and lower gasoline prices. They add that gasoline prices have fallen from an all-time high of $5 a gallon in mid-June.

Diesel fuel prices were down slightly with the national average at $4.60, down five cents from last Monday and up from $3.61 a year ago. The New York average for diesel is $5.27, down five cents from last Monday and up from $3.76 a year ago.