David Ariondo sold a property at 625-627 Center Ave. to Christopher Smith and Heather Parks for $385,000.

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Jimmy Ong sold the property at 110 Catalpa Ridge Road to José Pedro Zevallos and Juliette Degioanni Zevallos for $1,325,000.

John Waldfogle sold the property at 584 Dorseyville Road to Jonathan Hosack and Justine Vanella for $423,201.

Robert Snapp sold a property at 216 Hillcrest Road to Constantinos and Lorraine Hadjipanayis for $1,800,000.

Richard Kalson sold the property at 139 Old Mill Road to Pooja Amarapurkar and Nirav Ravindra Bhatt for $1,020,000.

Shirley Lewellen sold the property at 107 Riding Trail Lane to Patrick and Cassandra Lee Kelly for $735,000.

Rajesh Sehgal sold property at 904 Settlers Ridge Road to Susan Ann McBride for $1,035,000.

Terrence Palmer sold the property at 2 Willow Farms Ln to Neal and Susan Schwarzberger for $1,000,000.


Caymus Realty Solutions LLC sold property at 243 Alpine Village Drive to Curtis Westphal Hart for $232,500.

The estate of James Kurljac sold a property at 346 Blue Run Road to John Millburn and Caryn Campbell for $645,000.

Miller John Hobart Inc. sold a property on Elm Drive to William Coleman Jr. and Danielle Scheller for $285,000.

Jeffrey Hodgkinson sold a property at 109 McClelland Drive to Mark and Samantha Ditch for $245,000.

Robert Friend sold a property at 2133 Middle Road to John and Jody Guzman for $640,000.

Brad William Caldwell sold the property at 3005 Olivetre Drive to Thanawat Juphao and Sonchat Pongsakornsub for $375,000.

Ivory LP sold property at 106 Republic Ave. to et al for $85,000.

Michael Korsak sold a property at 3505 Saxonburg Blvd. to Thomas and Meghan Castillo for $546,000.

Clement Newcamp sold the property at 112 Wagon Wheel Lane to Juan Carlos Villanueva for $225,000.


Richard Ranii sold the property at 124 Cabin Lane to Hanna Kang for $650,000.

Summer Hill Real Estate Development LLC sold a property at 212 Kaden Drive to Justin and Erica Leffakis for $159,900.

Summer Hill Real Estate Development LLC sold a property at 214 Kaden Drive to Charles Max Saybel and Nadia Diclemente for $159,900.

Gary Metzinger sold a property at 344 Kittanning Pike to Daniel and Eileen Gilman for $255,000.

Jules Kann sold a property at 217 Ohara Manor Drive to Ian and Heather Walmsley for $575,000.

Dorothy Monahan sold property at 101 S Oak Hill Road to Thomas Beekmann for $250,000.


Arthur Kleitz sold a property at 16 Fifth St. to Shane Rauco for $200,000.

Shawn Boyachek sold a property at 1418 N Canal St. to Jacob and Casey Barry for $600,000.

Katrina Granzeier sold a property at 1335 Main St. to Paul Rouse for $121,000.

Trustee José Desanmartin sold the property at 1841 Middle St. to Efraín Orozco for $147,000.

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