BILLING, Mt: Many SUBWAYOntarians are shocked to learn that hundreds of domestic dogs have been accidentally caught in traps over the past ten years and not all catches are reported.

In fact, according to a report from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, at least 266 domestic dogs were accidentally caught in traps between 2012 and 2022.

Considering the data, the Yyellowstone WUseful life Sanctuary organized a free workshop Sunday afternoon in help pet owners learn different types of traps and regulations to prevent such an incident from happening to their pets.

dave Pauli, a volunteer instructor for Floose SUBWAYontana shareducate some safety tips so that pet owners keep in mind when participating in outdoor activities with pets.

“Number one, if you are with your dog and that get excited and wag their tail trying to go somewhere in the wild, if there isn’t a trap there, there is probably a porcupine, skunk or rattlesnake, or some other danger. Second, try to choose locations, perhaps private land., where the landowner tells him that he does not allow trapping. Third, lobby across the county Y through the state to designate trap-free zones, Dave explained.

He too advised people stay calm if your pet gets caught in one of the traps and avoid making the situation worse by scaring them.

“Take a deep breath. Speak softly and softly. Get a head covering, ie a sweatshirt, coat, jacket, over it. Let the dog calm down. Don’t panic because the dog is going to feel your panic, Dave emphasized.

For everyone who missed the workshop, visit the website attached with this article to see a whole animal safety trap instructions.