Chocolate Lab Lucy mix relished her unique “daughter” role, until Joshua and Kelly Rheaume’s twin daughters, Lily and Lennon, arrived on November 11, 2022.

“I was so jealous when we brought them home,” says Joshua, 32, of Capreol, Ontario, Canada. “But within three or four days, we realized that she liked to help. The moment that we knew that Lucy was doing well with the girls was the best moment for us.”

Joshua shared sweet videos of 6-year-old Lucy searching for diapers and snuggling babies on TikTok (@uhohtwins), gaining millions of likes overnight.

Lucy brings one of the twins a stuffed animal.

“When we saw that helping [the babies] helped Lucy, I felt like I was reaching out to dog owners to show them that it’s important to include their pets,” says Joshua.

Lucy has always been an integral part of the family’s life: adopted by the Rheaumes when she was just 6 months old, she was the flower girl at their wedding and “if she can’t be included somewhere, we’re not going.” Joshua says.

And now, she is also the center of the baby world.

“I’m lucky to get a smile from the girls,” says Joshua, “but I’ve taken a couple of cute photos where it looks like they’re petting Lucy. They’re still too young to interact, but I love looking at her.”