There are new guidelines and partnerships for the Delaware Mortgage Relief Program.

The Delaware State Housing Authority announces that the new changes include the removal of the 30-day mortgage delinquency requirement.

That means homeowners who don’t have a delinquent mortgage are now eligible to apply for the program.

Laurie Jacobs is director of public relations for the Delaware State Housing Authority. She says that there are other updates to the program.

“We also added a new feature where we can pay up to 6 months of mortgage relief payment over time. That means you can pay your mortgage payment for 6 months in the future, and last but not least, we increased the total assistance amount of 40,000 to 50,000 per household,” Jacobs said.

In addition to expanding the program, DSHA unveiled new partnerships to help with application assistance and ongoing financial planning support for homeowners in need.

Legal assistance services will be provided by Legal Services Corporation Delaware, while housing counseling services will be provided by six organizations, including NeighborGood Partners, First State Community Action, Telamon Corporation, Neighborhood House Inc., Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware Inc. and Interfaith Community Lodging.

Eligibility and an application for the program are at

“As always, the goal of the Delaware State Housing Authority is housing stability. We want to make sure, and especially for our homeowners, that they can stay in their homes, stay stable and safe. So, we want to make sure that that these funds can help support that goal,” Jacobs said.

The program is funded with federal money from the American Rescue Plan Act and the Homeowner Assistance Fund.

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