DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few months ago, you wrote about an organization that collects used medical supplies, refurbishes them, and delivers them to countries in need. I have lost that information. Could you please post it again?—Constance, no city

ANSWER: You are remembering Partners for World Health ( at 40 Walch Drive in Portland. PWH collects donated medical supplies and equipment from medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, etc.), organizations, and individuals.

You can contact the nonprofit at 207-774-5555 to schedule an appointment for delivery. On the website, you will see a long list of what PWH accepts. I don’t think I’m picking up items right now, but you’re welcome to ask.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the Sun Spots on January 13, Longfellow’s Greenhouses in Manchester has a wonderful selection of African violets, including minis. I’ve been very lucky with all my indoor and outdoor plants I’ve bought there, and going to Longfellow’s this time of year and spending time in the greenhouses is always therapeutic and makes me itch to dig in the dirt.—Kris, Monmouth

ANSWER: It is very healing to walk through a greenhouse in winter. The lighting and fragrances are wonderful. Longfellow’s Greenhouses ( is at 81 Puddledock Road and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm The phone number is 207-622-5965.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a question about the gifts that contestants win on “The Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune.” How many keep the prizes, and if they do, do they have to pay taxes on them? —Owen, West Paris

ANSWER: All winners of all game shows are required to pay taxes based on the full retail value of the prize, which is why many winners choose not to accept the prizes. Winners sometimes choose not to keep it all, using the cash value of one prize to pay taxes on another.

Winners must include all prizes as income on their tax returns. The IRS considers non-cash prize income that winners must report.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding ideas for the perfect cup of coffee (Sun Spots from December 30), I limit my coffee to just breakfast and find Folgers Coffee Singles to be perfect for my needs. It’s real coffee in a tea bag. I use a 12 ounce mug and even get a heat out of a bag, and there’s no expensive machine. Just use the microwave or stove to heat the water.

I would like to add that the day after Christmas my grandson was pulled over for a loud runaway in Auburn. The officer said, “License, registration, and insurance, please,” and returned to the cruise ship. Minutes passed before the officer returned with something pink in hand. My grandson assumed he was getting a ticket, but it was an envelope with a message from Secret Santa and $50. I want the officer to know that my grandson was very grateful and we have since repaired the exhaust. Thanks from grandfather and his grandson.—Unnamed, Leeds

ANSWER: I had forgotten about those “tea bags” of coffee. They are useful. Thanks for sharing his grandson’s story too. I’m sure glad you didn’t get a real ticket.

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