Do you love your pet and treat it like a member of the family?

A new study finds that many New Jerseyans and people across the country really enjoy being “parents.”

In fact, more than 20% of pet owners consider themselves “crazy parents.”

pampering your pet

The study found that 19% of people had purchased products with their pet’s photo on them, while 12% reported buying a luxury pet product, 10% got a special pet portrait, 8% had clothing with a pet’s photo on it, 7% splurged on a self-cleaning robot litter box, and 6% had their pet DNA tested.

According to Statista, the most common habits of pet parents include sleeping in a bed with a pet (80%), buying a Christmas present for a pet (65%), sharing food or drinks (60%), celebrating a pet’s birthday of a pet (56%), and taking a road trip with a pet (54%).

Puppy & Kitten & Guinea Pig & Horse & Rat

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Closer to home, 54% reported taking a pet to a public park or beach, 20% admitted canceling plans with human friends to hang out with their pet, and 16% said they had designated a room for pets at home.

49% of those surveyed said they spent more on their pet in 2022 than in previous years.

types of pets

The survey found that New Jerseyans enjoy a wide range of pets:

• 31% of pet owners only have one dog
• 26% only have one cat
• 21% of people have cats and dogs
• 9% own a fish
• 6% have birds
• 5% reptiles
• 4% rodents
• 2% rabbits
• 1% have a horse

The survey also found that pet owners spend an average of $109.12 each month on pet needs.

About 17% of pet owners have pet insurance, and most of those who do agree that it’s worth it. Nearly half (45%) say that pet insurance has helped cover a procedure or medication that they otherwise would not have been able to afford.

The average amount spent per year to take a pet to the vet is $525.12.

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The report notes that there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your dog, cat, mouse or turtle, but pet owners are reminded that fancy pet treats that aren’t recommended can and do make them sick.

David Matthau is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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