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Cristina Kirchner trial, live: the vice president exercises her own defense in the Road Case and the latest news & More Latest News Here


At the beginning of his closing argument, beraldi make a account of the arguments put forward so far in the defense of Cristina Kirchner. “The first conclusion that emerged is that it was impossible for the Budget projects to be developed arbitrarily by the former presidents”he remembered.

Prior to the beginning of the argument, Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbongave an interview in FM 93.7 where he anticipated: “I think today is going to be the closing with certain circumstances that, for example, were not allowed [a la vicepresidenta]such as the inquiry and other issues that were not allowed throughout the trial. [Cristina] He is going to let them know because rarely are they going to see something like today.”

After that, he added: “It is going to be very innovative and I calculate that it will be very exciting, because when Cristina speaks, she is emotional.. Especially when she treats her like she was treated in this trial, where they tried to say that she was in a place where she wasn’t and where the prosecutors blatantly lied. In this situation, I think she is going to defend herself because, beyond the fact that Beraldi destroyed the allegation [de la Fiscalía], I always told Cristina that her best defender is herself.”

Later, he stated that today the former president will give a “ethics and social class”, returned to defend his innocence in the case and asked for his acquittal. Regarding his state of mind in the context of the trial and after the assassination attempt that he suffered on September 1, he commented: “She’s fine, solid and strong. she is an amazing person, after everything that happened. The truth is that it’s fine.”

Cristina Kirchner had asked to expand her investigative statement after Luciani asked that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison. That was rejected by the court, which held that the stage of the investigations had already concluded. The vice president then said that they were depriving her of her right to defense and in response she made a political statement that she transmitted through her social networks.

Now she will be able to speak in the instance of her defense plea because she is a lawyer and because she was constituted as a lawyer in her own cause, authorized by the court.

Article 104 of the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes that “the accused shall have the right to have himself defended by a lawyer of the license plate of his trust or by the official defender; You can also defend yourself personally, provided that this does not prejudice the effectiveness of the defense and does not interfere with the normal conduct of the process.”.

This is the endorsement that the vice president has to exercise her own defense on the last day of her plea in the trial that has her accused of public works in Santa Cruz and in which, she said, “she will continue to disarm the lies.”

After the argument of the defense, arose important counterpoints in key chapters of the Vialidad trial, in which the vice president and former officials are judged for favoring the businessman Lázaro Báez with public works contracts in Santa Cruz.

Among other points, one of them is the budget of the works. The prosecution’s accusation maintains that Néstor and Cristina Kirchner reassigned budget lines in order to redirect economic resources from other State portfolios in favor of the National Highway Administration to pay Lázaro Báez.

However, attorney Carlos Beraldi indicated that Cristina Kirchner did not participate in the preparation of the budgets nor of the control of the works and sending of funds. “The Executive Power did not increase the games. It’s false. If one makes a balance, the result is neutral”, he said and assured that the prosecution “showed when the credits rose, but not when they fell”. He also presented documentation, according to which these works had legislative scrutiny.

Cristina Kirchner, in the center, during the trial for public works in Santa Cruz;  ahead, Lázaro Báez and Julio De Vido
Cristina Kirchner, in the center, during the trial for public works in Santa Cruz; ahead, Lázaro Báez and Julio De VidoJUAN MABROMATA / AFP – AFP

Luciani asserted that Congress suffered between 2004 and 2015 “an information blackout in the budget issue, regarding the destination of the large public resources invested by the National State in Santa Cruz”. The statement was dismissed by the defense of Cristina Kirchner. Beraldi assured that the prosecution hid the budgetary codes of each work and stated that each budget indicated the series of works that could be “financed through the item ‘Works by agreement with provinces’.”

While, the prosecution and the defense crossed paths for the incorporation of the chat of the former Secretary of Public Works, José López, in the case. According to the accusation, the messages of the then officials, with collaborators of the then head of state and members of Austral Construcciones, show how Lázaro Báez had privileged treatment.

The accusation against the former president focuses on the public work that Lázaro Báez received in Santa Cruz.
The accusation against the former president focuses on the public work that Lázaro Báez received in Santa Cruz. Horacio Córdoba – THE NATION

Beraldi explained that 26,000 messages emerged from López’s phone and pointed out that “four or five messages” were selected from them. “Anyone knows that if one searches for four messages and on that basis tries to build a story of such importance, the attempt will fail, especially if with this they intend to impute the President of the Nation when she does not appear directly in any message,” he said. the.

However, as published THE NATIONthe lawyer only said that there were no direct exchanges between Cristina and López but He did not delve into the exchanges of messages between Cristina’s private secretariessuch as Mariano Cabral and Diego Bermúdez, with the former Secretary of Public Works, who coordinated meetings between the official and the then president while López met with the president of Austral Construcciones.

Cristina will defend herself against the strong accusation made against her by the prosecution, which considered her the head of an illicit association. Diego Luciani also accused her of fraudulent administration aggravated by her status as a public official, in real competition.

In addition to requesting 12 years in prison against him, he requested that the vice president be barred for life from holding public office and that your fortune is seized up to the sum of at least 5321 million pesos (1 billion dollars). This is the amount of the tenders analyzed, based on an average dollar in the period covered.

Cristina with Lázaro Báez leaving the mausoleum of Néstor Kirchner.
Cristina with Lázaro Báez leaving the mausoleum of Néstor Kirchner.

According to the accusation, Cristina Kirchner maintained a institutional corruption mechanism for 12 years, which takes into account her mandate and that of her husband, Néstor Kirchner. Indeed, Luciani said that Kirchner made sure to turn Lázaro Báez, a former bank employee, with no experience in construction, into the contractor to whom they were going to give the public works in Santa Cruz for billions of pesos. She pointed out that, later, part of that money, once laundered through the payment of alleged hotel rental contractsreturned to the presidential estate.

Cristina Kirchner is expected to launch strong criticism against prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola, in line with Beraldi’s statements. Through the networks, the vice president assured on Tuesday that her lawyer “He demolished the lies and fake news of Luciani and Mola. More than prosecutors, they look like trolls”, he indicated. Y quoted a phrase from Juan Domingo Perón: “’It comes from anywhere, except the ridiculous”.

The former head of state accompanied this criticism with a nine-minute fragment of the speech that Beraldi had given. In that video, she questioned prosecutor Luciani’s assertion that Fernández de Kirchner would meet with López on November 30, 2015 to bring the “clean everything” plan. However, she specified that in the afternoon that day, the then President had traveled to the city of Bariloche, where she carried out a series of official acts, which concluded with a public act”.

Prosecutors Luciani and Mola
Prosecutors Luciani and Mola

Through Twitter, the vice president announced her presentation this Friday from 11 a.m. “I will exercise my own defense according to article 104 of the CPPN”, he wrote in the publication. At the end of August he had tried to defend himself shortly after the prosecutor Diego Luciani requested a 12-year sentence against him, but the judges did not allow him to do so at that stage of the process and told him that I had to wait.

A) Yes, Cristina Kirchner will be constituted as a lawyer in her own cause and will speak before the Oral Court to reject the accusation of prosecutors Luciani and Mola.

This Friday it is expected that the hearings of the Vialidad case will resume in which Cristina Kirchner is judged for illicit association Y state fraud. The former president is accused by the public works allocation to the businessman Lazaro Baez in Santa Cruz.

The Vice President’s lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, will resume the exhibition that began days ago at the time of presenting the defense argument. In this sense, the lawyer sought to take it off of the accusations. “She does not appear directly in any message,” he said on Monday.

The defender had indicated that there was no exchange of chats between her and the former Secretary of Public Works Jose Lopez and defended the legality of the commercial operations between the Kirchner family and Báez. He said that the former president was already dismissed in the case Hotesur-Los Sauceswhere she was investigated for money laundering.

Cause traffic.  Arguments of the defense of Cristina Kirchner, Dr. Carlos Beraldi
Cause traffic. Arguments of the defense of Cristina Kirchner, Dr. Carlos Beraldi

Cristina Kirchner trial, live: the vice president exercises her own defense in the Road Case and the latest news
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Cristina Kirchner trial, live: the vice president exercises her own defense in the Road Case and the latest news
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Cristina Kirchner trial, live: the vice president exercises her own defense in the Road Case and the latest news
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