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Everything has a cycle, just like the crypto market.

After two years of investment boom, the severe downturn of various data on the crypto market chain in 2022 is enough to witness market misery, especially the collapse of giants like FTX, making this crypto winter more bitter and endless pessimism invades the whole world.

The investment market is not motivated and users are not interested in participating. Faced with the uncertain risk of falling prices, couch potato practice is not the optimal solution, although it is safe. Huobi and many other exchanges have launched low-risk, high-return crypto investment products to cater to the bear market, giving users a way to grow their assets and ensure they can survive the winter.

Points are king in a bear market. Use stable tokens to improve efficiency

In a bear market, day is king. For those who hold crypto tokens and have a low risk tolerance, using idle virtual assets to increase passive income is a better investment method.

Based on this, Huobi launched the Spring Festival Carnival PrimeEarn activities, which include regular USDT investment products from 7 days APY up to 12%. Users can participate in the current investment of USDT in the period from January 18 to 21 to secure the available subscription amount; USDD regular investment products 14-day APY up to 20%, which is the highest yield of the industry’s leading token wealth management products.

PrimeEarn products are Huobi Earn’s dynamic offering of high-yield regular financial products for a limited time, focusing on core assets such as BTC/ETH/USDT and flagship projects, and has successfully launched 21 editions. Users can subscribe to each issue of PrimeEarn with their dormant assets to achieve constant asset growth. The performance and activity rules of each PrimeEarn issuance will be adjusted according to market dynamics. Users who successfully sign up can enjoy annualized returns above the industry average.

In the recently launched 22nd PrimeEarn campaign, all users of USDT Prime Earn products are entitled to a subscription limit of 5,000 USDT when participating. Compared with the previous activity rules, users of USDT Prime Earn products are entitled to the basic subscription amount as long as they participate in the subscription, and users who want to get more high-interest subscription amount can deposit the demand in advance. to get more quantity. Huobi has also created an exclusive benefit for new users and regular Prime Earn users an additional subscription limit of 10,000 USDT without the need to save for a checking account.

Not only Huobi, in past bullish and bearish transitions, but exchanges like Binance and OKX have also launched crypto asset financial services to hold tokens to earn interest, which is a good introductory investment tool, with relatively low risk and a process easy operation. , especially for new crypto investors in a bear market.

Safe and compatible to create a haven in bear markets

For exchanges, bear markets are usually a good time to reflect, capture opportunities, and build.

Looking back at the FTX disaster of 2022, cryptocurrency users questioned the security of asset custody on centralized trading platforms, and centralized exchanges were plunged into an unprecedented crisis of confidence. Faced with these crises, exchanges began to improve asset security and transparency to save themselves.

On November 9, various trading platforms including Huobi and OKX announced the launch of the Merkle Tree Reserve Proof. After that, Huobi went one step further and completed its brand upgrade to come up with new strategies, such as technology for good and global development.

With the new strategic concept, Huobi is constantly improving to create a haven for its users. Internally, they have reorganized their team to prevent insider trading, “rat trading” and other types of behavior. Externally, they are actively promoting the path of compliance operation. Huobi will explore and adapt its compliance operation model to the requirements of different regions while adhering to and supporting regulatory policies around the world. On the one hand, it is an objective regulatory requirement for the normal operation of cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, it is also a trust requirement for users to use it securely.

In order to build during the bear market, Huobi dared to be the first to move and acted more aggressively. He has released two tokens, Pi and Bonk, which are highly discussed and concerned by the community, breaking the silence of the bear market. For Huobi, the crypto market, especially during the bear market, needs more topics and heat to mobilize users’ attention and enthusiasm. Huobi is willing to “charge ahead” in building the industry, if only to exploit the market in the short term.


Today, the butterfly effects of Luna, the FTX crash, and other malign events in the industry continue, leading to collateral consequences, strong regulatory scrutiny, loss of user and investor confidence, and other issues facing IT professionals. the whole industry hand in hand. Despite the FTX financial crisis and the Gemini Earn cash-out crisis, Huobi Earn has maintained an all-time 0 risk record for many years and will continue to do so in the future. Guaranteeing the security of users’ assets and stable returns is the basis of a good service to users.

His Excellency Justin Sun, a member of Huobi’s Global Advisory Board, said, “It’s not easy to winterize a bear market, but Huobi is fire in a bear market.” To be sure, today’s Huobi and crypto financial services like its PrimeEarn provide an example of a safe winter in a bear market for the crypto market.

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