A book of evidence has been served on a 77-year-old man accused of endangering life by allegedly booby-trapping three doors of his house into the power grid where someone could have been electrocuted by touching a handle.

Sergeant John Kelleher confirmed in Cork District Court that the book had been delivered to Michael Noel Sheehan of Chimney Field, Glenville, Co Cork, on the endangerment charge.

Judge Olann Kelleher sent the case against Noel Sheehan to the Cork County Criminal Circuit Court sessions from 31 January.

When the defendant was accused of endangerment, he replied: “I will speak in court.”

Sergeant John Kelleher previously described the substantive allegations: “Garda Bryan Murphy and Garda Brian McCabe responded to a call regarding a welfare check and attended the defendant’s address.

“The Gardaí inspected the house and found the living conditions to be of poor quality. [They were informed that the defendant] he had set traps on the doors of the house by connecting the mains to the door handles.

“Subsequently, both the gardaí and the ESB carried out a search. The house was secured by members of the ESB. They discovered that mains electricity had been connected to three internal door handles.

“There was 230 volt electricity running through the door handles. This was enough electricity to cause death or serious injury. All steering power has been disconnected,” said Sgt. Kelleher.

Frank Buttimer, a lawyer, suggested following this scheme of accusations: “It may not be as serious as at first sight.”