Combining AI with digital mammography (DM) Y automated 3D breast ultrasound (A BUS) it could be particularly beneficial for detecting cancer in women with dense breasts.

According to a new article published on January 16 in Information about imagesthe sum of two commercially available AI systems can achieve equal or better sensitivity to detect malignancy in dense breasts when compared to human readers.

For the study, a team of researchers compared 430 matched cases of DM and ABUS interpretations of four radiologists to that of two FDA-cleared AI systems available on the market.

The experts analyzed the screening results of AI and DM alone and AI and ABUS alone and found that a combination of the two produced the most accurate results, recording a sensitivity and specificity of 79.4% and 91.2%, respectively. Compared to radiologists, multimodal AI performed as well or better at the same specific operative points..

The multi-modal AI approach can combine information from both ABUS and DM, which could be especially beneficialspecial in resource poor regions where experienced radiologists may not be readily available to interpret screening teststhe authors of the new study suggested.