SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – José Cubero has been busy since he took office as mayor earlier this month.

It has focused on creating change in the Bullitt County seat and keeping its citizens in Shepherdsville, rather than going elsewhere for work and play.

“I feel like we have some opportunities to make this city a lot better,” Cubero said.

To put the vision of the city into action, Cubero is implementing some changes.

Crews have already been working along Highway 44 and Adam Shepherd Parkway to clean up brush and trash-covered areas surrounding businesses near Interstate 65.

Mayor Cubero said his goal is to create a good first impression.

“We wanted to make sure that when you came to Shepherdsville, you would see that this is a quaint town, even though we are very busy with an interstate running through town,” Cubero said.

The mayor is also eliminating some traffic problems by removing the option to turn left from Keystone Crossroads to Adam Shepherd Parkway southbound.

Starting February 6, police will begin enforcing the change. Signage will also be installed.

The left turn has caused many accidents and traffic problems over the years.

“It was not designed correctly,” Cubero said. “Right now, we don’t have a great answer as to the traffic pattern, but it was better to stop that kind of pattern because it causes a lot of problems.”

Drivers will be able to turn right at Keystone Crossroads and then decide when they can redirect to Highway 44 or Joe B. Hall Avenue.

“We think there’s an opportunity to look at our traffic more in other areas, but right now the immediacy of doing it, without turning left, will make it better for people going in and out of that area,” Cubero said. .

Among these changes is also the rejuvenation of youth sports in the city.

Cubero has partnered with organizations in Shepherdsville to clean up the baseball and softball fields at Roby Elementary. The city plans to use the city hall gym for youth basketball.

Youth sports could also grow soon. Mayor Cubero plans to present a $30 million parks master plan at the next council meeting on January 23rd.

He is inviting the public to attend.

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