DELMARVA – Auto insurance rates increased 8.4% in 2023, bringing the national average cost of a full coverage plan to over $1,700 a year according to Value Penguin.

That report found that the main cause of that price increase is inflation, with the cost of labor and materials still rising.

The owner of State Farm’s Berlin branch, Derrick Elzey, says another cause of that increase is more drivers on the road, which means more accidents and claims are paid out.

However, Elzey says her goal is to help drivers find as many discounts as possible. “It helps to have multiple lines. If you have your car, your home, life insurance, all of those things tied up with one provider that can absolutely help you with your premium costs,” Elzey says.

“It’s pretty popular right now, but State Farm specifically has Drive Safe and Save. It is a discount for the use of the vehicle and that is the only discount that we have and that drivers have control every time you get behind the wheel ”.

Elzey says that tips like increasing the deductible can also lower the premium rate.

He also advises you to speak to your local agent about the various discounts available.