Multiple agencies spent hours Monday searching for a man who fled a traffic stop in Boston after police tried to arrest him for illegal possession of firearms.

Michael Williams, 31, of Boston, was eventually found and taken into custody, police said. He faces numerous weapons possession charges and is being held without bail pending his arraignment at Dorchester District Court.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, a police officer patrolling Blue Hill Avenue in Boston around 3 a.m. Monday pulled over a gray BMW at the McLellan Street intersection after seeing it speeding past and running a red light.

While conducting an electronic investigation into the driver, who was identified as Williams, police discovered that Williams did not have the proper license to drive in Massachusetts, and was also the subject of a warning from the Boston Regional Intelligence Center that he may be in a illegal traffic. possession of firearms.

The officer removed Williams, who does not have a firearms license, from the car and allegedly saw a gun on the floor of the vehicle. When the police officer tried to arrest Williams, Williams allegedly ran away from the scene, prompting the police officer to give chase.

The search for Williams lasted several hours, police said, but he was eventually located and arrested. While Williams was booked into jail, police allege they found numerous new credit cards in his wallet that did not have his name on them.

According to police, a search of Williams’ vehicle turned up a Glock 17 pistol, loaded with 18 rounds of ammunition, which had modifications that allowed the pistol to fire fully automatic, and an AR-15-style rifle loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition alongside with more than a pound of marijuana.

Williams is scheduled to stand trial on the following charges: failure to stop; speeding; unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; illegal possession of a firearm, two counts; possession of a large-capacity power device, two charges; possession of ammunition without a FID card; carry a loaded firearm; improper storage of high capacity firearms; illegal possession of assault weapon; illegal possession of machine guns; resisting arrest; Trespass; possession of counterfeit credit cards; and possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute.

It was not immediately clear if Williams had retained an attorney who could speak on the charges on her behalf.