David Jones: Representation: Voters should decide Bernett’s replacement

Is voter suppression determined by the eyes of political observers?

SNL’s Gilda Radner character Emily Litella might say, “What’s this I’m hearing about voting circumcision in Boulder County?” Photo Credit: Tracey Bernett, the Democratic candidate for District 12 for the Colorado House of Representatives, resigned after being charged by the district attorney with criminal wrongdoing related to her recent election. Although the judicial process will determine her fate, District 12 will not have representation. To fill the vacancy, political experts from the Star House of Democrats will meet behind closed doors to choose her successor. Think about it. Imagine this happened in Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, or Florida. And also pretend that it was a Republican candidate who resigned after being charged. I would expect the roar of outrage and partisan howls from liberal political commentators to flood talk show minutes and fill columns across the country. They say that democracy dies in the dark. What could be darker than the proverbial smoke-filled room of apparatchik bosses? Let the people decide.

David Jones, Rock

Bill Butler: Resources: Water loss could be reduced with simple covers

The Bureau of Reclamation reports that the 336-mile-long Central Arizona Project canal loses about 16,000 acre-feet (5.2 billion gallons) of water per year to evaporation. The state of Arizona should cover the canal to save this critical, non-renewable resource. The technology exists and the cost would be offset by the amount of water saved.

Bill Butler, Longmont

Stan Nicholas: Traffic: Traffic signal coordination is a real climate solution

I have sporadic grandchildren in an Uber service that takes me to and from their school, encountering 22 traffic lights in both directions daily. My average is nine greens and 13 reds on a very busy route from Foothills Hwy. to East Aurora. For stops I average 0 MPG for 20-40 seconds and about 30 MPG when going with the flow. Light on Foothills and Broadway favor the latter on a two-to-one time frame (Federal Highway vs. City Street). Doing the math would take too many words, so I’ll leave it up to you. The point is the disparity between the Green Boulder mantra and real world solutions, like hiring someone who can coordinate traffic signals (I’m volunteering). Once in town, I also experience the wonderful snow removal on the side streets. But, there is some wisdom in leaving them covered with ice – no bumps!

Stan Nicholas, Longmont

Diane Mayer: Firearms: Why is Congress deadlocked on gun control?

The Chamber reports that our Legislature intends to take action on gun violence. Mass shootings have become commonplace in our country, more than 600 mass shootings so far this year, and just this week two more. More children died from gunshots than from any other cause last year. After every death/murderous rampage we ask ourselves, “Why is it so hard to pass gun control legislation in our country?” Nearly 90% of Americans want background checks, including 74% of NRA members, but Congress remains paralyzed. WHY?

Diane Mayer, Boulder